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Hi! Thank you for visiting my Website.  Your visit was not accidental or coincidental.  I firmly believe that the Creator ordains specific mergers in order to effect change.  The most profound example in history is the incarnation when the Eternal God entered time, deity met humanity on the altar of Calvary, and the course of literally billions of lives were changed forever.

Step into God Blessed Meadows and hear the voice of God speaking to you through the daily, weekly, and song devotionals.  Come further and you will witness the meticulous beauty of nature and its manifold witness of the God whose design of everything is not only beautiful, but also specific and with purpose.

If you continue you will hear the music of a shepherd’s heart composed over a course of three decades that celebrate his personal journey and discourse with this God that can be heard, experienced, and known.   What you read, see, and hear is designed with you in mind.  This God who knew you before birth and summons you before death - to simply know Him, loves you. The inspirational music you hear will hopefully move you to either embrace Him as Lord and Savior, and/or (as a believer) praise Him for the wonders of His mighty hand.